This is a  resume of the activity we had so far in Sweden. We work in the carpentry field since 1993! The company is founded in Romania. From 2009 – February we started to work on the Swedish market accumulating so far a total amount of over 80 000 working hours (both carpentry and tile working) in several construction projects, which we would like to present:

  • Stockholm, Hammarby Sjöstad, Företagslägenheter. Midskeppsgatan 8 – 125 apartments – carpentry works (doors, parquet, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, wardrobes, lists, etc.);
  • Stockholm, Hammarby Sjöstad, PARK INN – Hotel – 178 rooms: carpentry works (walls, parquet, doors, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, walls, lists, etc.); and tile working (bathrooms tiles, kitchen tiles, marble, etc);
  • Stockholm, Hammarby Sjöstad, boostader and kindergarden– tile working (around 1200 m2 of tiles);
  • Stockholm, Hornsbergs Strand, Kungsholmen – around 200 apartments + one kindergarden: complete carpentry works (mounting windows, walls, parquet, furniture) and tile working (slopes in bathrooms, tiles, marble in the staircases, façade stone, etc);
  • Stockholm, Henriksdalshamnen Pollargatan 3, 5 and 7 – 44 apartments – roof construction, windows inner walls, parquet, doors, furniture;
  • Stockholm, Henriksdalshamnen – 33 apartments building – roof construction, windows mounting, inner walls. Coordination of all the non structural jobs.
  • Stockholm, Henriksdalshamnen, Jan Inghe Hagströms Torg – 14 apartments building – supervising and coordination of non structural jobs – roof construction, exterior walls, windows mounting, inner walls.
  • Göteborg, Trekantsgatan 5-10: 105 apartments – roof construction, windows mounting, inner walls, parquet.
  • Stockholm, Johannelund/Hässelby, Etapp 1: 5 buildings – 100 apartments – supervising and coordination of nonstructural jobs.